Supervision, Dormitory, Meals, and Music Materials


The MS/JH Honor Choir Camp staff includes Camp Coordinator, Dr. Jessica Napoles; Assistant Director(s) and middle school choral music educators, Kara Kasberg, Kelly DeSouza, Caroline Hunt and Robert Gibson; three additional middle school choral music educators serve as section leaders; and twelve choral music education college students serve as interns. Campers are consistently and responsibly supervised. A primary supervisory objective is to provide campers with clear expectations and appropriate structure at all times. From the site menu, see Camp Staff/Personnel for additional details.

UNT’s MS/JH Honor Choir Camp offers choral music education students the opportunity to serve as interns to the middle school students while observing and assisting highly successful middle school teachers who serve on the Camp's Senior Staff.


BRUCE HALL Dormitory is located across the street, adjacent to the UNT Music Building. Girls are assigned to one floor; boys are assigned to rooms on a different floor. Rooms are basic with two beds to a room. Community bathrooms are located on the hall. Campers are expected to bring a sleeping bag or sheets, a pillow, towel, and personal toiletries. On the registration sheet, students may request a specific roommate; otherwise, it is an opportunity to make a new friend.

To ensure safety, strict dormitory supervision can and should be expected. In the dormitory, we will have one adult for every six campers. The three assistant directors will sleep in the dormitory and provide emergency assistance all hours of the day or night.


All meals will be served in the BRUCE HALL cafeteria and supervised by assigned staff members.  Food selection is plentiful and varied.  Parents and students, seeking considerations for special diets, should contact Peter Balabuch, Cafeteria Operations Director (940-565-2962). 

Music Materials

The published camp prices include all music materials and camping activities. There are no add-on expenses.