Information and Packing

Information and Packing Advice

1. Directly across the street from the Music Building is BRUCE HALL, the designated dormitory for the MS/JH Honor Choir Campers.  With girls assigned to one floor and boys assigned to a different floor, dorm rooms are double occupancy with gender specific community bathrooms on the hall.

A specific roommate may be requested on the registration form. If you prefer, we can assign you a roommate; it is an opportunity to make a new friend. 

2. All meals will be served in the BRUCE HALL cafeteria and supervised by assigned staff members. All meals will be sufficiently varied and plentiful.  Parents and students, seeking considerations for special diets, should contact Peter Balabuch, Cafeteria Operations Director (940-565-2962). 

3. Boarders need to bring a sleeping bag or twin size bed linens, pillow, towel, alarm clock, and personal toiletries.  For additional information return to the camp’s site menu, see Supervision, Dorms, Meals, Materials.

4. Plan to wear casual summer camp clothes. Shorts are permitted.

5. Bring clothes and an extra towel for game night. Lots of silly fun!

6.  For campers interested in sharing your talents and performing in UNT's MS/JH Honor Choir Camp Talent Show, sign-up will be at Wednesday’s registration. Don’t forget to pack the items you need for your act -- CD soundtracks, props, costumes, etc.  The Talent Show always features an amazing array of talent.  

7. You may want to consider bringing some extra pocket money. Vending machines are available, and a trip to the brand new UNT Student Union may be included.

8. The dress code for the dance is nonspecific.  Camp rehearsal clothes are perfectly acceptable. We ask that you keep it simple and make appropriate choices.

9. The finale concert will be recorded by UNT recording technicians in Winspear Hall, Murchison Performing Arts Center on Saturday. All campers are expected to participate and the public is encouraged to attend.  A digital download of the Saturday performance is included in the camp fee.

10. Parents and campers: On registration day, it is important that you park in the paved areas provided in the “R” parking lots only. Campus police are unforgiving and will ticket cars parked illegally.  Lot #7 directly across from McCONNELL HALL is our designated parking lot.

11. All commuters are invited and encouraged to attend the evening activities. These activities include Wednesday’s Camp Dance, Thursday’s Recreation/Game Night, and Friday’s Talent Show.

12. Commuters’ meals are limited to lunches and dinners. Dormitory boarders are provided breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Eating something at every meal is highly encouraged.  Food provides the fuel necessary to succeed.

13. Please remember to bring all “personal” medications to camp.