Middle School/Jr. High Camp Fees and Scholarships


The MS/JH Honor Choir Scholarship Program is designed to help deserving middle school students, grades 7-9, attend the MS/JH Honor Choir Camp, sponsored by the Cambiata Institute of America for Early Adolescent Vocal Music located at the University of North Texas.


We anticipate having 15 scholarships available. Scholarship winners will be formally notified through email by June 1.


Gold = $110.00 | Silver = 60.00


Boarding Camper without Scholarship: $328.00
Boarding Camper with Silver Scholarship: $268.00
Boarding Camper with Gold Scholarship: $218.00

Day Camper without Scholarship: $249.00
Day Camper with Silver Scholarship: $189.00
Day Camper with Gold Scholarship: $139.00

Scholarship Process

Students requesting scholarship funds should ask their school, community, or church choir director to write an email of recommendation outlining reasons why this student(s) is deserving (based on talent only or talent and need) for scholarship assistance. Recommending directors should include the name and address of the institution sited, as well as a call back telephone number. Address recommendation to Dr. Jessica Napoles and send to: mlchoircamp@unt.edu